What is it?

An all encompassing cloud-based self-service mobile application platform available on iOS ( and Android ( with a highly configurable backend helping state and local counties deliver digital citizen engagement services.

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices by citizens at large, it’s imperative that state, local governments embrace mobile digital technologies to cater to their citizen needs from transportation to utilities and anything in between that can significantly enhance the citizen's experience in accessing and collaborating for various services within their own counties.

Our Platform

We have built the platform to scale massively and help counties to Inform/Engage, Involve/Enable, and Include/Empower citizens.

The mycounty platform is built to be configured on the fly and is deployable in 30-60 days or less. Since the platform comes with a pre-built set of features (offered to counties as a free version for 3 months) that are needed for most all counties the amount of time it takes to get up and running is significantly less than average industry timelines. Additionally, there is no need for citizens of your counties to download multiple apps and clutter their mobile phones.

With a single app download (Android and iOS platforms) and by using our customization and personalization features they can choose the most favorite services that they need based on the service deck menu options and start enjoying the incredible benefits of our application.

  1. Prebuilt set of features
  2. 30-60 days for deployment
  3. 90 day usage for free
  4. A single app for Citizens for all things related to county services
  5. No more app clutter
  6. A highly intuitive backend for Counties to customize their service offerings

The freemium version of the Mycounty feature set includes

  1. Search
  2. Customization
  3. Personalization
  4. Navigation
  5. Announcements/Notifications

Paid version of the Mycounty feature set includes

  1. Highly intuitive (AI/ML driven) front end UX experience for citizen personalization
  2. Extremely friendly chat bot driven back-end for counties to allow for customization
  3. Highly configurable Service Deck (pick and choose the services your county wants to add i.e., taxes, transportation, libraries, parks and rec, farms and wineries etc)
  4. Contextual search
  5. 311 Service requests
  6. Surveys (in-app via Survey Monkey etc)
  7. Online town hall meetings (in-app, Live streaming)
  8. In-app announcements (county to citizen communication)
  9. Social Media integration (FB, FB Live, FB Messenger, Instagram etc)
  10. Analytics
  11. Public Alerts
  12. Weather
  13. Transportation (Roads, Metro)

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Mobile Trends

With the advent of mobile devices surpassing desktop devices for various traditional aspects like web browsing, billing, payments, commerce, etc., the private and public sector entities are strategically aligning themselves to take advantage of these massive shifts in user behavior.

With the countless advantages in play, the state and local governments are calibrating various mobile initiatives with use cases pointing towards adoption in empowering citizens.

As represented by Comscore’s graphic below the trends clearly indicate the dominance of mobile devices over desktops.

The 2016 Digital Survey by the Center for Digital Government (CDG) in its 15th anniversary year through their annual survey recognized cities using technology to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement.

As per the 2016 survey of top ten technologies and initiatives which are likely to have an increased focus in the next year Citizen Engagement is in third place right behind Cyber (number 1) and Open Government/ Transparency/ Open Data (number 2).

Signing up for the Mycounty platform

Technological innovation at a breakneck speed is hard to cope up with. The public and private sectors are constantly trying to keep up with these innovations and find solutions that can help them in staying current and relevant. State & Local governments, counties and municipalities have different sets of challenges on top of keeping up with technological innovations. Their charter is to help their respective constituents/citizens in Informing, Involving and Including them by providing them information that can enable their citizen engagement.


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We take security and citizen privacy very seriously. To that effect our platform is built on AWS backend and in essence provides our customers the much needed reliability and peace of mind. Additionally, the platform is built with the industry best practices leveraging cutting-edge technologies while constantly upgrading the platform to meet the strictest security standards.